DELFORNO s.r.l. has carried out induction tempering processes on behalf of third parties since 1952, processing mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes such as moulds, valves, shafts, cylinders, gearwheels, rails, pinions, cams, gibs, pins, mandrels, blades, pulleys and much more. These processes can be effectuated in a large series or on individual parts. Where required, the company is also equipped to work on parts directly at the client's headquarters.

INDUCTION TEMPERING offers significant mechanical advantages: treating only the areas subject to wear confers to them an increased hardness permitted by the type of steel or cast iron used, while the remaining (non-tempered) parts maintain their original elasticity, thus avoiding any breakage of the details themselves.

The DELFORNO s.r.l. company has always applied a philosophy based on quality, courtesy and rapidity in delivery, with the results obtained over time proving this as being the correct approach. Contact us for more information.

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