Induction tempering 
Induction tempering offers considerable mechanical advantages when applied to the surface. By tempering only the surface area that is prone to wear and tear, it allow the rest of the mechanical part body to maintain its original elasticity. In this way, the induction tempering acts as a useful compromise between hardness and elasticity.

Surface treatments of metals and steel
This kind of treatment of metal surfaces, and specifically steel, is performed by only a few highly-specialised companies in Italy. One of these is the Turin-based Delforno company, operating since 1952 in this specific sector.

Professionalism in the metallurgical sector
The many years of experience in this field has allowed the Delforno company to become an important reference point for northern Italy, thanks to the professionalism of the staff who demonstrate daily their know-how in being able to respond quickly and with the attainment of the best results in line with the client's requests. There are numerous processes and treatments to be applied, all effectuated with the stated objective of ensuring an excellent final result and durability of the product.

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